Rooms with Duomo view Florence

The Luxury B&B La Dimora degli Angeli with the splendid view of Duomo of Florence from the rooms is a dream place.

This beb is located on the third and fourth floors of an elegant nineteenth-century building in Via Brunelleschi.

The rooms overlook the monumental complex of Piazza del Duomo and Piazza San Giovanni and the view of the Duomo of Florence from your window is incomparable.

La Dimora degli Angeli with only 12 rooms, is intimate, elegant and luxurious. The atmosphere of this beb in the heart of the city is welcoming, warm and relaxing. With the rooms with the view of the Duomo and equipped with every comfort you can enjoy the beauty of Renaissance Florence total relaxation and in this B&B you will feel at home.

Enjoying the services of the hotel you can relax and admire the wonders of the city thanks to the location of the B&B La Dimora degli Angeli.

Walking you can reach the most beautiful artistic and architectural attractions of Florence. Ponte Vecchio and Piazza del Duomo are just a few minutes walk from the B&B and, in addition to the splendid view of the Duomo from the rooms, it is very easy to reach. The monumental complex that awaits you is splendid: the Brunelleschi's Dome, the Baptistery of San Giovanni and Giotto's Bell Tower will be a stone's throw away and will leave you speechless!

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